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Space Age Insulating Ceramic Technology For
Paints, Coatings and Composites

Hy-Tech Thermal Solutions, LLC is a privately owned company that provides research and product development for clients in a wide variety of specialized paints, coatings and composites. Our commitment is evident, with over 40 products, including insulating additives for paint, flame retardant additives, fire resistant paints, insulating composite materials, insulating wall and roof coatings and acoustical sound deadening coatings for residential, industrial, transportation, petroleum, power generation, automotive, military, aerospace, and other industries. Hy-Tech Thermal Solutions, LLC licenses our formulations and technology to manufactures for production and marketers for distribution worldwide.

With corporate headquarters located in Brevard County Florida, Hy-Tech Thermal Solutions, LLC has a strong commitment to customer satisfaction and continues the tradition of supplying quality products which meet our customers' requirements while maintaining the strong spirit of innovation that has always been a hallmark of our business. This focus on providing innovative products and services continues to position us as a leader in our industry. Outstanding customer service and knowledgeable technical support continue to be the cornerstones our success.

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The Hy-Tech Thermal Solutions,LLC culture is one that places a high value on quality and integrity in every aspect of the business operation. This is apparent in the roles that Hy-Tech Thermal Solutions,LLC has as an active and responsible corporate citizen within the communities in which it operates, helping to create stable work environments, supporting local businesses, and contributing financial and volunteer support to community based organizations and events.
Environmental responsibility has been, and will always be, a major feature of our technology-driven broad product range. We will also remain dedicated to the promotion of coatings that have a minimum impact on the environment.
Our laboratory features state of the art testing and evaluation equipment and all our products are approved for distribution only after passing rigorous testing under the extremely demanding conditions of the sun drenched, hurricane prone, east coastal region of Florida.

Hy-Tech Thermal Solutions, LLC products are available through authorized distributors and licensed manufacturers throughout the U.S.A. and Internationally.
The high quality and accessible price points of the products makes them saleable in a multitude of markets. This meets the company’s goal: to create energy saving, environmentally friendly, affordable products for the preservation and decoration of painted surfaces.

The Earth, as we know it, cannot survive with our current rate of energy consumption and resource depletion. World Fuel Consumption is expected to increase 40% to 50% by the year 2010, and fossil fuels are being depleted 100,000 times faster than they are formed. To reverse this trend, we must adopt new energy conservation technology.

A decrease of only 1 % would allow industry to conserve resources of approximately 55 million barrels of oil every year, and create a saving of about a billion dollars in the process. If every home in the United States became just 10 % more efficient, savings would reach into the trillions of dollars.

Hy-Tech offers to industry and consumers our energy efficient, environmentally-friendly "Thermal Solutions" that result in a net savings of fuel and dollars.
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